What we're going to talk about

We're going to talk about surfboard fins that in spite of what we think about it, there is a very important part of surfing. We can acquire fins better for particular functions, so you must be informed before buy.
The three different elements we're going to talk about are The template, the foil, and the Flex :




Respecting the height and the area of the fin, you have to choose using the intelligent way, cause the size you'll need, will always be proportional to the size of the user who will ride it. For example, if you’re a big user, you have to choose a little bit taller fin, with more area, so the fin will sit deeper in the water and it’s going to keep your board in the water while you are surfing if you are a big person.

1. Base

A wider base lets you drive better your surfboard, doing better turns and flips.

2. Rake

Is the responsibility of the rider with more or less pivot when you turn. Despite the template, the Rake isn't proportional as we can see :

  • < Rake = < Drawn Out Turns
  • > Rake  = < Pivot, Sharper Turning Radius


The most important thing we have to talk about the Foil is the aerodynamic shape, analogous to the wind tunnel of a car.
Different aerodynamics cause air molecules to go faster or slower, depending on the form.
So, having more foil, or more of a bow in the fin, will help you to generate more speed and transition rail to rail more quickly.

As you can see in the pic, we can find different aerodynamics shapes

1. Flat 2. Inner 3. 80/20 4. 50/50


Flex is essentially how the fin moves in different situations.

  • > Flex  = Better to hold in bigger waves and turns
  • < Flex  = Better for small waves and turns