Basque Country

Before talking about achieving a dream, we’re going to talk in this post about the importance of the Basque Country (Spain) in the surf industry.

Basque Country has a very ingrained surf culture because a high majority of his beaches have waves which are able to be ridden and even some of them have perfect barrels. And in spite of the low temperature of his waters, there are a lot of Basques who surf every day.

Inside this paradise of surfing, there is one place which stands out and it’s the municipality of Mundaka, in Vizcaya, also called “La meca del surf in Spain”. The influence of the river that gives the name to the community, when joining with the cold waters of the sea, form barriers and continuous waves that (seen from the surfer’s eyes), “are candies freshly bought”.


Photo by : Las Dunas surfcamp


Natxo Gonzalez

Been born the 20 September 1995 in Plentzia, Vizcaya (Basque Country, Spain), Natxo shows us in this video he has been involved with surfing since he was a kid, and all his environment has helped him to achieve this incredible dream.

Before continuing, we would emphasis on this important element. In surfing, there isn’t greater satisfaction that the fact of the people that really matter us, share and love the same excitement like you. In Natxo’s case, his biggest influence is Kepa Acero, close fellow since he was a kid.

Natxo started surfing small waves, but now, he is one of the strongest searchers of giant waves, sponsored by the huge company Red Bull.

Natxo asserts that anybody that really loves this sport and maintain the enthusiasm and the appropriate endurance, it will be able to attain a place in surfing, without excuses.


A dream come true

After finding the wave four years ago on google maps, Natxo has waited until the perfect forecast was ready to hit the coast and create those perfect barrels along the beach.

When they arrive, they just found a small wave (half a meter) which was breaking perfect, and it was a matter of height and couple of days to make the dream comes true…